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The Oden Legacy - 4.3

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Aug. 3rd, 2011 | 01:52 pm

It´s been some time since the last update (almost four weeks! O_O) - I´m sorry for that. I´ve been busy doing other stuff (CiJ-gift, chatting with people and of course real life).

Maybe you don´t remember what happened last time? It´s time for a ~reminder~ :D
Bor and Jovana had triplets, all of them boys: Vidar, Munin and Mode. The family wasn´t accepted as members of the garden-club and a lot of people reached their elder-stage. Bor reached his LTW, Jovana became pregnant again and last but not least the kids were adorable :3

Warnings: Kids :D and death ):

Rota didn´t get much attention /:

Social bunny: Why, hello there :)
Rota: What the..?!

Rota: I don´t need you D:<
Social bunny: But.. but.. ~bunny~ ;~;

Vidar: 8D

Jovana: *goes into labour*
Munin: *is scarred for life*

Rota: What is that? I want one.

That would be a baby. The only one of the kids to inherit Bor´s haircolor. His name is Brage.

And this is another baby. Her name is either Brynhild or Freya.

Yep, triplets this time around as well. Once again: Brynhild/Freya.

Ask´s LTW want was to have six grandchildren. Consider it fullfilled ^_^

Liam: What have you done, Ask?! D:
Ask: I only had two kids - I had no idea six would be this much work D:

They hired a nanny. Brynhild/Freya ended up on the floor staring up her skirt.

Brynhild/Freya: *is scarred for life*

Nanny: Hello there, baby. Let me just take you out of the crib and put you on the floor :3

You don´t get paid for that D:<

Rota: If three plus two equals five, then how many apples do you have left if a carrot comes to visit and asks for plums? Hmmm..

Hi Tyr (Ask´s and Frey´s brother) 8D

Rota: What was you answer on that tricky question about apples and plums?
Elizabeth (Littlerunningbee): Pears :)
Rota: Bohyeah :D

Time goes by fast and it´s once again time for ~birthdays~


Njord: *Interrups ~birthday~ celebration.* I´m still alive :D

Child-Munin :]

And last but not least: child-Mode :3

Close-up for child-Munin.


Epicede: You know I love your, right? <3
Njord: I love you too <3

Burnt turkey: I don´t love you.
Frey: ):

Frey: There´s something on my head 8O

That would be hair <_<

Brynhild/Freya: Someone get me a new diaper and a bath ):

With pretty much everyone except from Njord having a work taking care of the little ones isn´t the easiest of tasks.

Njord always finds time for the kids, though.

Munin: I love you great-grandpa :D <3

Epicede: You know, I love you too, old man ;) <3

Njord is still ~young in his heart~

Bor spends a lot of his freetime in the greenhouse taking care of the plants.

I got a picture-proof that they now have more than half a million simoleons and nothing to spend it on XD


Njord and Epicede are great great-grandparents <3

Time came for the tripplets to reach toddlerstage.

This is Brynhild.

Freya - the only kid to get Jovana´s eyeshape <3

And the boy, Brage :)

Boreas (Fantasyrogue): What is this warm feeling in my heart that I feel when I watch this kid?

In case you´re not a werewolf from Twilight (which you aren´t) it´s just love for your grandson :]


Boreas: I love you <3
Ask: <3

Ask still make bootycalls to Boreas. It´s just sad that they wont grow old together ):

Random picture of Garnnystan because I thought it was cute :3

How come tubs in sims break all the time? <_<

Frey: *ignores*

~bronze badge~

Ask: I can see my house from here :>

The running man (not accossiated with the story or the movie) is Beau (Alleliua).

Brynhild: I´m going to take over the world - follow me through the revolution!

Brynhild: Some day the world will be all ours, llama :D
Llama: *is content*

Liam: Every journey beginns with one step :3
Brynhild: Teach me how to walk!


Vidar´s special interest is sports.

This would be cute..

.. if it wasn´t for the fact that Munin is sleeping right there. Leave him alone, you guys ):<

Freya: *is adorable*
Rota: *is a good.. dad´s cousin?*

Harvest. Once again they had bad, tasteless apples (because the trees refuse to be well), but the tomatoes turned out great :D

Mode: World domination with robots :D

They ordered pizza :3 *loves pizza*

Liam: Have I ever told you how much I love you? <3
Frey: Ehm.. I love you to but right now your hands are greasy from the pizza /:

Brage: ):
Robot: *dies*

Brage: I can´t even bear looking at it ;~;
Robot: *continues to die*

Aww <3

Njord: I love you, little fellow <3


Death: Your time has..
Epicede: Nooooooooo, my love! T_T
Death: Can someone make this guy shut up?! Njord, your time has come - it´s time for me to collect your soul.

Njord: I´ve had a good run :D

Njord: See you all on the other side. Love you <3

Everone: *is devastated*

Bye, Njord. I will seriously miss you <3

Have this video I put together of Njord´s life while I try to keep my tears back T_T <3

Next time on the Oden-legacy:
Birthdays and cats.

Sims seen in this update were made by:
Alleliua, Brilliantcat, Fantasyrogue, Niloublue and Littlerunningbee.

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(no subject)

from: trappingit
date: Aug. 9th, 2011 04:40 pm (UTC)

I would have been mad if it hadn´t been for Ask´s LTW which meant I pretty much had to let Bor and Jovana have six kids at some point.

I miss him so much ;~;

I´d love to see that :D

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