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Download - Utan Dina Andetag - A Mix of Stuff

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Aug. 8th, 2011 | 04:41 am


I have another content dump to share and this time it´s ~special~
Nabila so kindly offered to take the preview pictures and I love what she came up with. Under the cut you will find skins, eyes and a sim with edited ears that belongs to a new race in my game called "Benghalis" (Nabila came up with the name). It´s some kind of cat-animal with sharp teeth and cat-like eyes 8D
You will also find a TS3 to TS2 hair conversion and some llama-deco :3
All the credits for the pictures goes to Nabila. Thank you so much for taking them <3



First up is an edit of Jesstheex´s "Keep It All Inside" to be made more cat-like. I edited the pupils and recolored the whole thing twentyfive times ^_^
The files are genetisized but not townified.

--> DOWNLOAD A Cat´s View <--



I LOVE the skinblend that Nabila made as a ss-gift last christmas and overuse it a lot. I edited it so that all ages have stripes and changed some of the facial features as well as edited the teeth. Then I recolored it in eight different shades. The third shade in the swatch is Nabila´s original. The files are geneticized but not townified.

--> DOWNLOAD Benghalis Skinrecolors <--

Sugarandcaffeine (MTS)

Have a sim with huge ~elf ears~ 8D
I edited the ears for this sim in Milkshape. They can be passed on genetically when a sim breed and work for all ages and both genders. He only comes in a cc-free version. Nabila named him Sherif Latef <3

--> DOWNLOAD Sherif Latef - Sim <--

I really loved this hair when I saw it for TS3 and have wanted to convert it for quite some time now. It works for all ages and both genders and comes in the four of Pooklet´s natural shades that I use (Dynamite, Depth Charge, Pyrotechnic and Volatile). Elder get gray hair (Mail Bomb) and the files are binned and familied.

--> DOWNLOAD En Timme En Minut <--

Mesh - Raonsims
Textures and Colors - Pooklet

Last but not least I have three new llama-meshes to share. They all pull their textures from Buggybooz´s KitchenBasic counter so you will need that mesh for these to work. If you don´t have it already it can be found here. It will pull any texture that you have of that counter :D
The polygon-count is rather low. Each mesh has 600 polys. I´m not a very good object mesher and since I made these from scratch they´re not perfect.

--> DOWNLOAD Llama Palooza <--

Textures - Buggybooz

Have a .gif :D



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from: trappingit
date: Aug. 9th, 2011 01:09 pm (UTC)

I´m glad you like it and you´re very welcome. One can never have to many short hairs in-game :D

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