trappingit (trappingit) wrote,

Download - Agnes (sim)

Hello! I was asked if I could upload this sim a little while ago so here you go. I use her a lot for modelling my CC. Feel free to to what you want with her, but general rules like credits and stuff apply like for everything I upload. A lot of credit goes to the awesome CC creators who are mentioned in the CC-list, I forgot to make a CC-free version, sorry. Note that the skin and eyes are geneticized and townified and that the hair and eyebrows are binned and familied. I might have edited some of the other CC for my own personal use as well, but nothing I can think of right now. If you happen to have any of the CC mentioned in the list, click those items out when you install her using Clean Installer as to minimize the risk of duplicates and errors. Have a great day ^_^

Tags: download - sim, downloads

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