January 29th, 2011


Download - You Don´t Have A Clue - Tons Of Teen And Child Conversions

I believe I started working on these the 23rd so it means all of these were made during the last week.. because I prefer making meshes over studying. All files are repositoried to the original files unless otherwise stated. Don´t worry though - all files are included in the downloads so you will not have to run all over the place trying to find them. All meshes have morphs (fat and preg for adults and fat for the rest).
If you have all the original versions of these you will only add 3470,2 kB or 3,39 MB of content to your downloads-folder, and that isn´t that much, is it? The number includes the file-sizes for files that aren´t repositoried too.
Beneith the cut are edited files originally from Amaryll/Witheredlilies, Fanseelamb and Sentate.


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