April 5th, 2011


Download - It´s A Plan Doomed To Succeed >:] - Clothes

I was going to post these this morning but for some reason I couldn´t log in to Livejournal. Speaking of sites, I can´t enter Simscave - anyone having the same problem?
Back to stuffs: I just arrived home from school and seeing as I have no urgent homework or tests to study for I might as well toss a few things up. First out is some edits of Sentate´s latest dresses and second I have some hair-conversions. The original dresses can be found here.

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Download - Doomed I Tell Ya >:] - Hair Conversions

Here´s the second and last part of what I promised I´d post today: hair conversions :D
I´ve only made five of Pooklet´s shades - Dynamite (black), Depth Charge (brown), Pyrotechnic (red), Volatile (blonde) and Mail Bomb (grey). I think Mail Bomb is a separate file for all of these, but I´m not sure. If Mail Bomb isn´t included as a separate file it´s linked to black. Files are binned and familied.

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