March 27th, 2012


"Comment-and-you-get-something-post" - The conclusion

I don't know if I can call this little project anything but a success. 25 participants and more than 25 gifts. I hope you all like what I made for you. Like I said earlier, feel free to share if you'd like or keep private if you'd prefer that :3
Below the cut you will find pictures of what everyone got (I'd call this post "picture-heavy"), plus if you scroll down to the bottom there are two downloads for everyone :D

EDIT - 27/3 - Updated with some download-links :3
EDIT - 1/4 - Updated with more download-links :3
EDIT - 7/4 - Three more download-links.
EDIT - 10/4 - Three more download-links :)
EDIT - 1/5 2013 - Everything's been shared.

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