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Download - All That I Want - Requests

Under the cut are some old stuff and some newer. The first set wasn´t even supposed to be posted, but I changed my mind. The hair-retexture was something that I found laying around and thought someone else might like to have as well. The tops are requested, or perhaps suggested is a better word? It´s my AM2AF Blazer outfit as TopOnly and my top only version of Sizz´s TurtleneckSweater for AF. The last set (sweatpants) are for all ages and both genders. They are oooooollldd. I started working on the set back in July and finished it now in November. So basically, it´s just been laying on my desktop collecting dust. It´s about time that I post it. I believe it to be the first time I ever changed a mesh from one gender to the other. A swatch off all the colors for the sweatpants should be included in the .zip. Anyway, I hope you like them :3
AF Mesh - Hysterical Paroxysm
EF Mesh - CatOfEvilGenius´s edit of Gelydh´s Mesh
TF Mesh - Migamoo
Colors and Textures - Pooklet
Mesh - Peggyzone
- Original Mesh and Textures - Sizz (MTS)
- Original Mesh - Sims2Sisters (TSR)
- Mapping - Kayleigh (This wouldn´t even be made if it wasn´t for the SIX HOURS that she spent re-mapping the original mesh)
- Shoes - Fakepeeps7 (MTS)
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