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Download - You Don´t Have A Clue - Tons Of Teen And Child Conversions

I believe I started working on these the 23rd so it means all of these were made during the last week.. because I prefer making meshes over studying. All files are repositoried to the original files unless otherwise stated. Don´t worry though - all files are included in the downloads so you will not have to run all over the place trying to find them. All meshes have morphs (fat and preg for adults and fat for the rest).
If you have all the original versions of these you will only add 3470,2 kB or 3,39 MB of content to your downloads-folder, and that isn´t that much, is it? The number includes the file-sizes for files that aren´t repositoried too.
Beneith the cut are edited files originally from Amaryll/Witheredlilies, Fanseelamb and Sentate.


These files are not repositoried.

--> DOWNLOAD Amaryll AF Babydoll Dress Boots For CF <--

--> DOWNLOAD Amaryll AM Peacoat For CU <--

--> DOWNLOAD Amaryll AM Velvetsuit For CU <--

--> DOWNLOAD Amaryll AM WinterSweater For TM and CU <--

--> DOWNLOAD Amaryll AF Blazer For TF <--

Included in the download are repositoried files for Amaryll´s original Pencilskirts and Bunheadsbuns´s recolors (pictured) as a bonus.

--> DOWNLOAD Amaryll Victoria Pencilskirt For TF <--

--> DOWNLOAD Amaryll AthleticFighting For TF <--

--> DOWNLOAD Amaryll Retro Hoodie TF-TM <--

These files are new. The teen version is repositoried to the adult one.

--> DOWNLOAD Amaryll NLFlapperDress TopOnly <--

- Meshes - Amaryll
- Meshes and Textures - Amaryll and Bunheadsbuns

Not all of Fanseelamb´s original colors are included (only thirteen of them)!

--> DOWNLOAD Fanseelamb TeePJ For CU <--

For the shirt on the right not all of the colors are included, only eight of them. The .zip includes an edited version of Ja´s re-mapped teen nudetop-mesh. I edited it to fix the neck-line. Please, replace the old version with this one in case you have it.

--> DOWNLOAD Fanseelamb AM Tees For TM <--
Originals x1 and Originals x2

--> DOWNLOAD Fanseelamb Booted Jeans Adele Edit AF-TF-TM <--

- Meshes and Textures - Fanseelamb and Adele

A small warning about the following files: The shoes are very hight and some animations might be slightly wonky. Normal animations such as walking and standing are ok, I´m mostly talking about extreme animations such as couch-jumping etc.

--> DOWNLOAD Sentate Long Draped Vampire Dress For TF <--

--> DOWNLOAD Sentate Vampire Collar Dress For TF <--

I´ve edited the AF-files for this one to edit the bumpmap. In case you don´t want eye-bright white suits in your game I suggest that you replace the original files with the ones included in this download.

--> DOWNLOAD Sentate Vampire Suit For TF <--

- Meshes and Textures - Sentate



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