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I was going to post these this morning but for some reason I couldn´t log in to Livejournal. Speaking of sites, I can´t enter Simscave - anyone having the same problem?
Back to stuffs: I just arrived home from school and seeing as I have no urgent homework or tests to study for I might as well toss a few things up. First out is some edits of Sentate´s latest dresses and second I have some hair-conversions. The original dresses can be found here.


Teen conversions of Sentate´s Jersey and Panel-dresses :D. I included all colors except the Jersey-dress with stars (because I´m not a huge fan of clothing with stars). The files are referencing to the adult ones for texures so those are required and included in the .zip. I know it´s been done before, but I added a preg-morph to both adult-meshes. If you have Le-plat-du-jour´s meshes with added pregmorphs you don´t need mine.

--> Download Teen Conversions <--

I made this mostly for personal use but thought perhaps someone else would have use for it. It´s Sentate´s Jersey-dress made top only. The mesh has both fat- and preg-morphs :3

--> Download Top Only (AF) <--

Meshes and textures - Sentate
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