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Download - Doomed I Tell Ya >:] - Hair Conversions

Here´s the second and last part of what I promised I´d post today: hair conversions :D
I´ve only made five of Pooklet´s shades - Dynamite (black), Depth Charge (brown), Pyrotechnic (red), Volatile (blonde) and Mail Bomb (grey). I think Mail Bomb is a separate file for all of these, but I´m not sure. If Mail Bomb isn´t included as a separate file it´s linked to black. Files are binned and familied.


I bet Peggy will make a male-version of this hair herself in time. My own version is far away from perfect, but it´s decent enough for my own game so I thought I might share anyway.

--> Download Peggy 07485 F2M <--

I find this hair to be adorable and have wanted to have it for females for quite some time now. The textures are a mix of the re-texture Almighty Hat used for her re-texture and Pooklet´s textures. I wasn´t too fond of the wispy bits so I alpha-edited them shorter :3

--> Download Rose Donation 71 M2F <--

I love this hair and have wanted it for females for a while. The male-version with grey hair for elders (Almighty Hat´s version) can be found here. The re-texture was made by Iosaur.

--> Download Rose Donation 105 M2F <--

Rose Don 105 Re-texture - Iosaur
Textures and colors - Pooklet
Meshes - Peggyzone and Rosesims
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