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Download - Permanent Features - Default Face Templates


I managed to install TS2 on the computer I´m currently using and with the basegame + some EPs followed SimPE and Milkshape. This means I can create stuff again :D :D :D
These, though, aren´t new. I´ve already had them for a few weeks. I needed some new face templates that better fitted my style when I created my new neighorhood. After several hours of work these were completed. They were made for my game and after my personal style. They might not bring as much variation as some people might like. I´m just posting them here because I thought someone besides myself might like them :3

Huge Bodyshop pictures:

Female Faces 1-8
Female Faces 9-16
Female Faces 17-24
Female Faces 25-27

Male Faces 1-8
Male Faces 9-16
Male Faces 17-24
Male Faces 25-27

In game pictures of template five and elf:

I made the two sims in the picture above breed. They got twins so here are pictures of Lilly and Liam:



My main goal with these templates was to have the female and male template look as much alike as possible (which means if your male-sim has lucious lips his female version wont have LIPS THAT CAN BEE SEEN FROM THE MOON and if your female-sim has a huge jaw your male sim wont have a JAW THAT CAN BE SEEN FROM THE MOON and so on and so forth.) I also wanted the younger ages to look as much as the adult-age as possible.

--> Download <--

NOTE: I wasn´t able to edit template number 8. No matter what I did it always ended up borked. I included a number eight template by Pooklet in the .zip so that you wont be without a replacement for number eight. Of course you can mix and match my templates with other people´s templates as long as you don´t have two of the same kind :]

Pooklet for template number 8
Fantasyrogue for the ears on the elf-template


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