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Download - A Mix Of Stuff - Clothes, hairs and objects..

~Dump-time~ :D :D :D

When it comes to the clothes all files are referenced to the original files for textures. This means that those files are required for these to work. They should be included in every download so that you don´t have to go searching for them.
I only use five of Pooklet´s colors when it comes to hair and therefore the hairs only comes in those five colors. Feel free to add the rest of them if you like. The colors are Dynamite (black), Depth Charge (brown), Pyrotechnic (red), Volatile (blonde) and Mail bomb (grey). The files are binned and familied with grey as a separate file.
The objects aren´t perfect. There´s a line in the middle of each object if you zoom away from them. You can see it on the desk in the picture. It´s not IN YOUR FACE, but it´s clearly there. It´s up to you to descide for yourself if you can live with that or not :)

The original outfit (for AF) can be found here.
--> DOWNLOAD Amaryll AFBlazerFormal for EF <--

The originals (for AM) can be found here.
--> DOWNLOAD Amaryll AMEveningBlazer for EM  <--

The original PJ:s (for AM) can be found here.
--> DOWNLOAD Fanseelam PJwithTee for EM  <--

The originals (for AM) can be found here.
--> DOWNLOAD Fanseelamb PJTeeTopOnly for EM  <--

The original tops (for AM) can be found here.
--> DOWNLOAD Amaryll AMTSSSweater for EM  <--

The original sweaters (for AF) can be found here.
--> DOWNLOAD Digitaldollies AFSweater for TF  <--

The original top (for AF) can be found here.
--> DOWNLOAD Sentate JerseyDressTopOnly for TF  <--

My re-texture for males can be found here.
--> DOWNLOAD Raonsims M27 M2F  <--

--> DOWNLOAD Peggy 07541 Pookleted  <--
--> DOWNLOAD Peggy 07541 F2M Pookleted  <--

There´s a chair, a desk and an endtable. The endtable has two recolorable subsets :3

--> DOWNLOAD IKEA MALM Objects  <--

Hair-meshes: Raonsims and Peggyzone
Clothes meshes and textures: Amaryll, Digitaldollies and Fanseelamb
Hair-textures and colors: Pooklet

Everything´s named with the original creator´s name in the file-name so there shouldn´t be any confusion regarding  who made what :]
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