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Download - Your Innocence Is Mine - Clothes, Defaults and Hair

Have a download-dump :3


I´ve always disliked these suits, but it wasn´t until just recently that I learned how to make defaults (thank you Le-Plat-Du-Jour <3). I slimified the mesh a bit and mangled the textures. You can either download custom versions or defaults of these (or both, if you for some reason would like that). The mesh has a fat- as well as a preg-morph. I only replaced the AM-version of the suit, but I guess I can do TM and EM sometime in the future if that is wanted.

--> Download AMJacketWhitePantsNiceShoes - Custom <--

Default-swatch (note that colors might not be in the right order):

--> Download AMJacketWhitePantsNiceShoes - Default <--

Fugly outfit made in to a decent oufit. Slimified mesh and mangled textures. The mesh has both fat- and preg-morphs. Custom and default versions :3

--> Download AMShirtButtonsJeansNiceShoes - Custom <--

Default-swatch (once again, note that colors might not be in the right order):

--> Download AMShirtButtonsJeansNiceShoes - Default <--

I made these I don´t know how long ago. They´re just mangled Maxis meshes and textures. TF and EF-versions are repositoried to AF-version for textures. All meshes have morphs (fat for TF, fat and preg for AF and fat for EF). Cathegorized as both everyday- and athleticwear.

--> Download Cant Wait TF-EF <--

A set of brows in all of Pooklet´s natural shades. Mail Bomb for elders. You can choose either custom versions or binned ones, but DO NOT keep both in your game at the same time (not that I know why you´d want to do that in the first place, but anyway).

--> Download GotTheTime - Custom <--

--> Download GotTheTime - Binned <--

At first I didn´t really like this hair, but after having fiddled a bit with the alpha I find it to be rather cute, so I descided to convert it for females as well. It comes in the four of Pooklet´s natural shades that I use in my game (Dynamite, Depth Charge, Pyrotechnic and Volatile). Binned and familied. Grey linked to black.

--> Download MYOS M30 Pookleted - Male <--

--> Download MYOS M30 Pookleted - Female <--

Same system as above (four colors, binned and familied, grey linked to black). It´s a Nymphyfied version of the Sweep hair that came from Seasons, so Seasons is required. YA-EF only, sadly :(

--> Download Seasons Sweep Nymphyfied & Pookleted <--

I´ve always loved the general style of this hair, but not how it was so extremely puffy on one side and perfect on the other. So I de-puffed it. Replace the original mesh with my edited one if you want a slightly de-puffed hair. I also fixed the toddler- and child-scalps so I highly recomend my edited mesh. It´s included in the .zip that contains the male-version. I havn´t changed the name or anything so it´s just to go ahead and let if overwrite the old one.
And since I love short hair for females have a M2F-conversion :3
Same system as above hairs. Four colors, binned and familied, grey linked to black.

--> Download XMSims 71 Pookleted - Male <--

--> Download XMSims 71 Pookleted - Female <--

Hair Textures and Colors - Pooklet
Curly Hair Textures - Nymphy, Nouk, Pinketamine and Pooklet
Hair Meshes - Maxis, MYOS and XMSims
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