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Download - Kind Of Familiar - Eyebrows, lips and underwear

I´m going to France with my family tomorrow morning and I will be gone until Tuesday the 19th. This means I will most likely not have access to Internet during that time. (Note: if you´re not what so ever interested in my personal life you should probably skip right down to the downloads below because this text is going to be long!) My dad will bring his computer but we´re seven people in our family (my parents, me and my four younger siblings) and if I want to get hold of the computer for as much as five minutes I will have to fight for it! On the bright side I´m really looking forward for the trip as I´ve never travelled that far before. As many of you might or might not know I live in Sweden and during my 18 years I´ve only been in our neighbouring countries (Denmark, Norway and Åland, which is an island that belongs to Finland). I´ve studied french for the past six years and I´m excited about getting the chance of hearing people speaking the language fluently and still (hopefully) understand what they´re saying :D
We´re going to travel by car and I´m guessing the travelling part wont be anything to look forward to. I mean, seven people in one small car?! Seven people out of which one can´t keep her mouth shut (one of my sisters is the most annoying person ever, she sings 24/7 and she expects everyone to respect her while she respects no one ~.~). There´s a plus-side with travelling by car, though. It means we have to travel through OTHER COUNTRIES :D :D :D
Tomorrow we´re going to go down to my grandpa who lives in the south of Sweden. We´re going to spend the night at his place and the following day we´ll drive through Denmark and take a boat over to Germany (yay, I will see Germany :3) and spend the night on a hotel in said country. On the third day we´re planning to travel through Germany and Luxemburg before we reach our final destination: France. My mom´s rented an apartment in Paris in which we´re going to stay. She´s planned stuff for pretty much every single day. We´ll visit Disneyland (<_< more so for my siblings pleasure than mine), Versaille (I´m really, really, REALLY looking forward to seeing Versaille) and the Louvre (only me and my dad will be visiting the museum because no one else in my family is interested -__-) and we´re going to travel there using ~the metro~. Awesome :]
My mom just recently (a few minutes ago) put the cream on the cake by telling me the weather is going to be rather cold while we´re in Paris. I can´t handle warmth so when she told me the temperatures wont reach over 20 degrees Celcius I became really happy. It´s even going to rain one of the days ^_^
Apart from what I just mentioned we´ll go on a guided tour of Paris and of course we´re going to visit the Eiffel tower! I will take loads of pictures and spam your friends-lists with them >:D
On our way back we´re going to travel to a city in the nothwest of Germany and take a boat which will take us to Gothenburg (here in Sweden). From there we´ll drive back to Stockholm and then we´ll be home again. As soon as I get home I will hurry to find out who my assigned person is in the CiJ-event at GoS is and start creating. Oh, the excitement :D

And now that you´ve got through all of the text above I present you a small amount of downloads that I wish to post before I leave <3

First up are five(!) sets of lips. These are a mix of blends and recolors. "Fear Of You" is a set of recolors of an unreleased lips-set by Jesstheex. I included the original file that I downloaded with one of her sims in the .zip-file.


--> DOWNLOAD Fear Of You <--

Textures - Jesstheex

Second up is a blend. The base I used was Mouseyblue´s "Galliano lips". Virtual cookies to whoever knows which band made a song called "Funeral Of Hearts" ;) <3


--> DOWNLOAD Funeral Of Hearts <--

Texture - Mouseyblue

The third set is another set with a name that comes from a song. The base texture was made by Nymphy.


Texture - Nymphy

"The Past" is a set of lips I made using a photo as a base. Sadly I can´t find the original photo ):


Set five is another Mouseyblue-blend this time using her "Winter lips" as a base.


Texture - Mouseyblue

Next up are four sets of eyebrows (as if you need any more XD). All sets comes in all of Pooklet´s natural shades. Elder keep their haircolors and files are binned but not familied.

Colors - Pooklet

Last but not least I have a set of underwear for AF and TF. They´re very basic and the kind of underwear that someone could wear on an everyday basis, so no extravagant pieces of lingerie here.

That was all custom content that I had to post. I will try to have the Linleigh-kids up soonish and speaking of the Linleigh-kids it looks like Edmund is killing in the heir-poll. The poll will be open for two more hours and a huge thank you to everyone that has voted <3
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