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Download - Things Without Preview-pictures

What the title says. I'm so lazy when it comes to getting preview-pictures. I tend to overuse the same models over and over again and I don't even like them very much (this might be my cold talking - over the past hour I've started feeling worse and worse) but.. yeah /:
Might start using other people's sims as models. Atleast that'd mean I get some pretty sims modeling my stuff ;D
I might actually do that <_<
It's not a bad idea >_>
Not a bad idea at all ^__^

Alright, on to what I made this post for. I have.. *counts them*.. eight sets of things done and not previewed. I might edit this post later to add previews. Or then again I might not >:

Now, what's included in that .zip?

- - -

Eyes - Innan Du
A set of eyes in 30 shades. Come in custom as well as a geneticized and townified flavours. Only keep one of the versions. They're a blend of a picture that I found online and Jessthee'x KIAI-eyeset. Credit goes to Jesstheex, Mouseyblue and Pooklet. A swatch is included.

Facial Hair - Anders
Facial hair inspired by Anders, a character from DA. Because people in #GOS-chat wanted DA-inspired facial hair :d
Comes in four of Pooklet's shades (Dynamite, Depth Charge, Pyrotechnic and Volatile) with Mail Bomb for elders. Files are binned and familied. Credit obviously goes to Pooklet for the colors.

Facial Hair - LaM
Same info as above. When I showed a picture of the finished Anders-stubble LaM told me it looked almost just like his own minus the moustasche. So I deleted that part and made some more files :3
Credit goes to Pooklet for the colors.

Io's SS-gift to Alleliua (skinnies and docs) for EF and TF
If you havn't seen the Secret Santa sharing-thread over at GoS already YOU HAVE TO SEE IT! Like, seriously! I converted the pants that Iosaur made for Alleliua for EF and TF. These files are linked to the AF-files for textures. Those are not included, so head over here to download them ^__^
All credit goes to Iosaur for original mesh and textures.

Kayleigh's "Kennedy"-bottoms for TF
I honestly have no idea if I've already uploaded these or not. It's a teen-converson of Kayleigh's "Kennedy" bottoms. Files are linked to AF-files for textures. You will have to download those here. All credit to Kayleigh for the mesh, Gothplague for the creepers and Corinne, Gelydh and Yuichen for textures.

Lidiqnata's Alica-hair Pookleted
Pretty much what the title says. My usual binning system (Dynamite, Depth Charge, Pyrotechnic and Volatile, Mail Bomb for elders, binned and familied). Credit goes to Pooklet for textures and colors, Lidiqnata for the mesh and ZeroDark for the barette-texture. Small Bodyshop-picture is included.

Nosemasks - Domino
Simple nosemasks made from a picture I found online. Can be found under blushes and should be layerable with anything except themselves. Swatch is included.

Pinketamine's version of Amaryll's Sweaterdress for EF
An EF-conversion of the sweaterdress found here. Credit goes to Amaryll and Pinketamine :)
These files are repositoried for textures meaning you will need Pinketamine's AF-files for them to work.

Styrka - Eyeshadows
I found another set and descided to toss it in here too. It's a set of eyeshadows in four shades made from a picture I found online. Swatch is included.

- - -

And that's all. I only have one more post left to make now ^___^
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