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Download - Dagsljus

I have a little bunch of things to share, some of which have been lurking on my computer for a few weeks already. Most of it are age-conversions but there are two hair re-textures as well as a set of lips in there as well :3

First up we have a re-texture I made of Pinketamine's edit of Bfly F18 (original can be found here). I made all of Pooklet's natural colors as well as Io's shades. Files are binned but not familied.

Second up we have a re-texture that I made of Raon M04. This one took forever to make O_O
I used Goat's re-color of the hair as a base. Same binning-info as for the above hair :)
Second picture - Angles

Moving on to the clothes. First we have Bunheadsbuns's Cigarettepants and Parisiensjackets for TF and EF. The files are repositoried to the AF-files for textures so those are required and can be downloaded here and here.

Next is another batch of separates. The top is Bunheadsbuns's separated version of Fanseelamb's outfit for TF and TM. The original is required and can be downloaded here.
The pants are made by Legislacerator and have been converted for AF, CU, EF, EM, TF and TM (in other words: all ages, both genders). All files are linked to the AM-files for textures so you will need those (can be found here).

I converted Bunheadsbuns's Marion-tops for EF and TF. Originals required, can be downloaded here.

Last set of separates. MistyBlue's Sheldon-tops converted for AF, CU, TF and TM. Requires the originals to work, they can be found here.

Nilou's awesome outfit with vans converted for AF, CU, EF, EM, TF and TM (all ages, both genders). Originals are required, can be downloaded here.

Last but not least in the heap of clothing - Yuxi's Leather jacket with tie-outfit for all ages, both genders. Files are repositoried, original can be found here.

Last up I have a set of lips on an alpha by Pooklet. Not much to say about these other than that they come in eight shades and should work from teen and up and for both genders :)


--> Download all <--


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