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Download - A Little Mix of Items

I'm just here to drop of a bunch of things that I've made recently. Under the cut you'll find a set of eyebrows, a hair re-texture (Raon M11) a hair-conversion (3t2), a set of ornamental tiles and two TM-conversions :)

First up we have a set of blended eyebrows in Dynamite, Depth Charge, Pyrotechnic and Volatile. They come in binned and custom flavours.

--> DOWNLOAD Binned <--
--> DOWNLOAD Custom <--

Alpha-parts - Nabila, Ephemera, NavetSea, Helenae, Xandher and Sims2Heaven (I honestly can't remember who made which part, so I guess it's best to put them all on the credits-list).
Colors - Pooklet

Second up is a hair re-texture and alpha-edit of Raon M11 that I made for Yuxi. It comes in a selected few of Pooklet's natural colors. The files are binned, but not familied.

--> DOWNLOAD <--

Mesh - Raon M11
Textures - Io's edits of Pooklet's textures
Colors - Pooklet

Another picture.

Third we have a TS3 to TS2-conversion. I don't know what to think of this hair, to be honest. The mapping was a pain to work with (if anyone can whip up a better re-texture I'd love that person forever!) and the endresult isn't the best, but hopefully someone will find use for it :3


--> DOWNLOAD <--

Original mesh - EAGames
Textures - Io's edits of Pooklet's textures
Colors - Pooklet & Iosaur

These floors were made originally for Nabila and the textures are from a site that she linked me to (thank you). There are ten floors all in all and I think one tile costs 5 simoleons in-game :)


--> DOWNLOAD <--

Textures -

(Pictures by Yuxi!)

Last but not least - teen conversions! I converted the two sets of pants that Yuxi made for Pooklet back in 2009. The files are slaved to the am-files so those are required for these to work and can be downloaded here.

--> DOWNLOAD Yuxi GPCreepersAikeaJeans AM2TM <--
--> DOWNLOAD Yuxi GPDocsAikeaJeans AM2TM <--

Preview picture(s) - Yuxi
Meshes and textures - Yuxi
Mesh-parts and texture-parts - Yuxi, Aikea, Gelydh and Gothplague
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